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your life becomes a travelogue of picture post-card charms [entries|friends|calendar]

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[25 May 2006|12:23am]

your favorite myth: icarus.
your favorite god: is just another story that we tell.
your favorite serial killer: bobby joe long.
your favorite body organ: the heart.
your favorite body part: the small of my back.
your favorite author: e.e. cummings, toni morrison, anne m. martin.
your favorite obsession: cleanliness. sike.
your favorite number: 14.
your favorite excuse: edouard and his mom got in a fight, so i have to go comfort him (at 1 in the morning on a school night.)
your favorite emotion: thankful.
your favorite drug: my camera.
your favorite drink: baja blast mountain dew. late at night.
your favorite place: my bed. my grandma's house.
your favorite unattainable object: simplicity.
your favorite regret: beig selfish. eating all those bugs when i was three.
your favorite thing to hate: poop.
your favorite paranoia: being flushed down the toilet . . . alive!
your favorite way to die: what.
your favorite insecurity: being replaced.
your new favorite favorite: shut up.
your favorite frustration: miscommunication.


current mood: tired. mass tired. but chill because i graduate tomorrow and it's fucking summer.
current music: rain. that's it.
current taste: after-taste of cough syrup.
current hair: oily.
current clothes: flower shorts, jeans, black tee.
current annoyance: money. boys. bronchitis.
current smell: wet dirt and rain on the garden.
current thing I ought to be doing: sleeping.
current windows open: the one at the foot of my bed where mass ivy is growing.
current desktop picture: some cute dog.
current favorite band: saosin.
current book: as i lay dying.
current cd in stereo: summer 2006 drivng mix.
current crush: eddie boy.
current favorite celeb: maryjane hamilton.
current hate: anxiousness.

do i:

smoke?: no.
do drugs?: sometimes.
have sex?: yes.
have a dream that keeps coming back?: no.
remember your first love?: yes.
still love him/her?: yes.
read the newspaper?: no.
fave any gay or lesbian friends? yes.
believe in miracles?: yes.
believe it's possible to remain faithful forever? of course.
consider yourself tolerant of others?: yeah.
consider love a mistake?: no.
like the taste of alcohol?: no.
have a favorite candy?: swedish fish.
believe in astrology?: yes.
believe in magic? yes, espescially tricks involving magazines and pennies.
believe in God?: no.
have any pets: mass.
go to or plan to go to college: yes.
have any piercings?: yes.
have any tattoos?: no, but lots of scars.
hate yourself: no.
have an obsession?: yeah.
have a secret crush?: no.
do they know yet?: na.
have a best friend?: two.
wish on stars?: sure.
care about looks?: not really.

love life:

first crush: who knows.
first kiss: evan payton.
single or attached?: attached.
ever been in love?: yes!
do you believe in love at first sight?: yes!
do you believe in "the one?": yes!
describe your ideal significant other: curvy, big booty, missing tooth, adorable.

juicy stuff:

have you ever played a game that required removal of clothing?: yes.
have you ever been intoxicated?: yeah.
favorite place to be kissed?: neck or back.
have you ever been caught "doing something?": yes. sort of.
are you a tease?: no.
shy to make the first move?: no.


hair: blackish brown, short.
eyes: blue.
height: 5'6.

last thing you:

bought: two quarts of oil and a pink keychain.
ae & drank: orangina, mint chocolate chip icecream.
rad: this survey.
wtched on tv: emeril.


club or houseparty: house.
beer or cider: cider.
drinks or shots: juice.
cats or dogs: dogs.
single or taken: taken!
pen or pencil: pen.
gloves or mittens: mittens.
food or candy: candy.
cassette or cd: cassette.
coke or pepsi: coke.
this or that: that.

who do you want to:

kill: no one.
get really wasted with: no one.
look like: myself.
be like: myself.
avoid: old men at super america who are creepy.

last person you:

talked to: my mom.
hugged: edouard.
instant messaged: no clue.
kissed: edouard.

where do you:

eat: anywhere.
cry: everywhere.
wish you were: in fucking dreamland.

have you ever:

dated one of your best friends? yes.
loved somebody so much it makes you cry? of course.
drank alcohol? yes.broken the law? yes.
run away from home? when i was six. but i really just went to my aunt and uncle's house who live on my street.
broken a bone? no.
played Truth Or Dare? yes.
kissed someone you didn't know? no.
been in a fight? yes.
come close to dying? yes. i suppose.

what is:

the most embarrassing CD in your collection?: billboard hits of the 50s and 60s.
your bedroom like?: colorful.
your favorite thing for breakfast? my mom's toast, waffle house all star breakfast, grits.
your favorite restaurant?: waffle house!

random questions:

what's on your bedside table?: cups, a pudding can, dried flowers, knick knacks.
what do you eat when you raid the fridge late at night?: jell-o, toast.
what is your secret guaranteed weeping movie? my dog skip.
if you could have plastic surgery, what would you have done?: my toes.
what is your biggest fear?: regret.
what feature are you most insecure about?: ear crust. ha.
do you ever have to beg?: no.
are you a pyromaniac?: no.
do you have too many love interests?: no.
crushes? no.
do you know anyone famous?: maryjane hamilton.
describe your bed: that chronic.
spontaneous or plain?: both.
do you know how to play poker?: no.
what do you carry with you at all times?: keys.
how do you drive?: fast.
what do you miss most about being little?: being able to blow my nose on my shirt and eat bugs.
are you happy with your given name?: yes.
how much money would it take to get you to give up the Internet for one year?: ?.
what color is your bedroom?: green.
what was the last song you were listening to?: saosin, tango with daddy.
have you ever been in a play?: many.
do you talk a lot?: yeah.
do you like yourself and believe in yourself?: yes.
do you think you're cute?: sometimes.
do poor, homeless, or starving people sometimes annoy you? homeless people who tell me that their mother's bones are matches in a match box, insist on playing chess, call everyone mickey, and try to flow, annoy me.

do you consider yourself to be a nice person?: sure.
do you spend more time with your girlfriend, boyfriend, or your friends?: boyfriend.
what is the first thing you think when you see two gay guys or lesbians holding hands?: cute.
people have you loved?: lots.
commandments have you broken?: i have never killed anyone or coveted my neighbor's wife.
places have you lived in (for over 3 months)?: cincinnati.
countries have you been to?: canada. us.
languages can you speak fluently?: english.
people are you talking to right now?: i am talking to edouard while he watches comedy central. i am mean. satan. 666.
times have you been in a car today?: who knows.
different kinds of meat have you eaten?: i had frog legs at huck finn's in tennessee once. the bomb.
different kinds of liquor have you tasted?: i don't know.
jobs you have held?: three or four.
years of school have you attended?: 13!
shows have you been to this month?: mass.
friends would you call "close"?: maybe five or so.
do you wear body spray?: drakar or patchouli oil.
are you wearing nail polish now?: no, but i do have car grase all over my nails.
if so, what color?: black.
do you wear a watch?: yes.
did/do you have braces?: yes.
do you have freckles?: a few.
what are you thinking right now?: what time does graduation start?
who makes you laugh?: izzy rhoads, ann lugbill.
who's your favorite teacher?: ferguson.
what is your favorite dream?: when i flew over the city on a snow flake and dropped cans of food and treats over all the needy boys and girls.
what is your worst dream?: where that frog prince lived in our silver ware drawer. the one with the two girls and the puppy. i can't think about it, i'll cry. for real.
have you ever cheated on anyone/been cheated on?: yes, and yes.
do you believe in ghosts?: yes.

1 sunken eyed pink bird| against the southern sky

[08 May 2006|04:45pm]

eighteen red doves fly out of the old woman's astroturf.
the sinks are much wider here, the teacups twice as fragile.
the water is yellow and smells like summer, it tastes like an old photograph.
wither away in a breaking bed made of little girls bones.
the sheets are pink, torn, and stained with dried brown blood.
fresh fruits grow in our closets.
like downtown shoe-soaked markets in may of 1924.
boats sail in and out of our dreams.
china dolls, wax frogs, confetti.
your mother was an octopus.
let's take this opportunity to kneel on both knees.
kiss the wooden floor.
my grandmother's face is in the grain.
sitting on the top of the world.
sugared candy bears in a cracked glass dish.
you'll never grow old if you wish on pink paper cups full of ice cold milk.
against the southern sky

[27 Apr 2006|04:01pm]

lots of updates on my photojournal:


comment to be added if you are not already on my friend list!

1 sunken eyed pink bird| against the southern sky

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